Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How Advertising Jingles Work

Ever have an annoying tune stuck in your head all week? Is it a catchy jingle for a product? If so you can thank a copywriter and songwriter for that. Research shows that jingles are undeniably effective in creating brand awareness. If you are standing at the deodorant aisle trying to decide what to buy, and you suddenly hear the Old Spice whistle tune in your head [], you may put a stick of their deodorant in your shopping cart. Jingles don’t have to be long, or even contain lyrics to work.

So why are jingles so effective? Science has the answer for that. When we were children, we relied heavily on our short term working memories and the articulatory rehearsal system to learn and constantly repeat sounds that we heard. This repetition, called a phonological loop, allowed us to learn to speak. By exploiting this system, marketers can use short and memorable jingles to create brand awareness. So if you need to separate yourself from similar competitors and products, consider a jingle. Here are a few keys to a good jingle:

The target audience needs to hear the jingle several times before they can create an association to your product and brand.

Be Memorable
The best jingles are memorable, and catchy. Like a hit song, your jingle needs to be uniquely sounding to be memorable. A nice melody also doesn't hurt.

Be Clever
If you have lyrics, they should be relevant and well written. You don’t want your brand associated to a confused and unfocused jingle.

The shorter, the better
Research has proven that short jingles with a simple melody are more effective.

BRAND! - Don’t forget the purpose  
The purpose of your jingle is to promote your brand and/or products. Don’t forget that. It would be unwise for a piano company use a melody featuring a trumpet solo.

Hire a professional
Surprising enough, there are people who are paid to write jingles. They are professionals who make a living doing this day in, and day out.

Test It!
Market research and focus groups can tell you immediately if you have a hit or not. A good jingle needs to be positively received by a wide audience. Well written jingles can last years, and can be triggered with a visual stimulus. I still hear the Oscar Meyer Weiner song every time I see their logo, sigh!

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