Thursday, 28 June 2012

Google Glass – Project Glass will be available to developers early next year

If you have been living under a rock for the last few months, or have been disconnected from society then you may not have heard about Google Glass. In a nut shell, it is basically a goofy looking, wearable, internet connected computer with a display that can interact with its environment. Think Star Wars but real and available soon.

Right now Google sees the Glass as a premium product that can be used for a variety of purposes. While Google hasn’t limited the potential applications that the Glass may be used for, it is clear that they envision it to be worn casually by consumers during regular, everyday activities.

Like the Apple iPad and Microsoft Xbox Kinnect, the applications for Google Glass will only be limited to the imagination of the developers. You can be sure that military personnel and advertising executives are already paying close attention to the device and are lining up to order a pair (developers will be able to purchase a pair early next year for a price tag of $1,500).

The Future of Advertising

Targeted Advertising is a trend, not a fad. You may have noticed that the advertisements on Facebook, and Google are tailored based on your interests, activities, search history, and location. This is not a mistake. Advertisers pay a premium for this information so that they can better target their marketing dollars.

The impact that this technology will have on users will be phenomenal. Imagine watching a movie where the plot responds to your personal preferences. Imagine walking down the street to see relevant sales and advertisements pop up on your glasses. Imagine driving and avoiding traffic because the Glass is connected to the internet. The potential applications for the Glass are limitless.

Google Glass will be a tool for advertisers to exploit. It may be easy to ignore a billboard today, but will you be able to ignore one tomorrow if it calls out your full name as you walk by? How about opening a book or newspaper, to see videos and clips of what you are reading. Remember this scene from Minority Report? The future is closer than you think. If only the future were more stylish…

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