Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Giant Sprite Shower – Rio de Janeiro

Ever have the fantasy of showering in a giant pool of Soda Pop? Doing the backstroke across the pool while the carbonated bubbles effervesce along your back and buttocks? While it may not be possible to buy enough soda pop and fill an entire pool with it before you lose all the carbonation, Sprite decided to give beach goers the next best thing!

A few months ago on a lovely beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sprite pulled off an incredible feat. They installed a Giant, Sprite dispensing machine on the beach. What do you do with such a large sprite dispensing machine? Why shower in it of course! Check out the video below.

This is an incredible example of creative advertising by Sprite. While some may question the relevancy, the cost, the message and ultimately the environmental impact of building such a large structure for a single promotional event, there is simply no denying its greatness. 

Forget the obvious questions: was it water; was it Sprite; did they recycle the water; were the beach goers paid actors; how much did it cost… etc. For a large MNC like Sprite, the only thing that really matters is ad penetration, effectiveness, brand reinforcement and ad recall. And they hit it out of the park on this one.

Thinking out of the box, they were able to create a fantastic advertising event that achieved great ad penetration and ad recall. Word quickly spread and everyone on the beach soon crowded to wait their turn.

One of the easiest ways to benchmark a promotional idea or event is to see the response on YouTube. The video has over 200,000 views in just over a months’ time and enjoys a positive response ratio of +96%. Great marketing indeed! Kudos to the Sprite team for their innovative and refreshing shower!


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